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  • Reach a new audience with your content. 
  • Join your peers who have contributed to this publishing platform. 
  • Join a growing community of 300+ Authors & Contributors who are committed to helping others with their careers. 
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Our primary audience is Young Professionals:
Topics we cover:
  • Project Management
  • Leadership
  • Hiring Advice
  • Skills Development
  • Career Development


Relevant & Valuable Content:
  • Write a Post with insanely relevant and useful content. 
  • Always ask ‘How can the readers benefit from this?‘. 
  • Also, make sure that the article content and topic are inline with the topic guidelines as stated above.
Post Length:
  • The posts must be 1000+ words.
Duplicate / Syndicated Content:
  • All articles must be original and never published elsewhere (or Copyscape protected). 
  • We do not accept syndicated or duplicate content. 
  • Most contributors on this site submit unique & original content. 
  • We do not accept Infographic submissions. We do not research reports or press releases.
  • The submitted articles must be proof-read before your submission. 
  • If the submitted post requires a lot of editing – it will be rejected.
We encourage you to follow the 1-3-3 Rule of linking:
  • Add THREE links to authority sites when stating facts, statistics, etc. 
  • Add THREE  links to other articles from engineeringmanagement.info
  • Add ONE link in the body of the article.  
  • However, it must be a blog post on your website. Links to sales pages, landing pages, and the home page is not accepted in the body of the article.
Unacceptable links:
  • Any link that does not add context to the article, or looks spammy will not be posted.

Post Format:
  • Submit the post to the Editor in a Google Docs Format. 
  • Share/email the drafts to [email protected].
Images & Videos:
  • Submit appropriate “Featured Images” for the article. Ensure that they are royalty-free (creative commons) stock images. 
  • If you decide to create a custom image, that’s also fine. 
  • If your article needs screenshots or images to support the points you make – feel free to add them in your draft. 
  • All images are recommended to be in the .jpg format.
Author Bio:
  • Kindly provide a 3- 4 sentence Bio about yourself. 
  • You can add 1 link to your bio that points to your website/blog. 
  • The Link in Author Bio must be your site. 
  • No Anchor Texts allows in Author Bios.
Response Time:
  • Once submitted, posts are usually reviewed and approved within 48 – 72 hours.
What type of content do we not accept?:
We do not accept the following submission formats:
  • Press Releases 
  • Infographics 
  • SlideShare Presentations 
  • Independent studies 
  • Product Releases 
  • Request for product reviews.

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