PMBOK Summary

PMBOK Summary

PMBOK Summary

v  project :
ü  Temporary endeavor with a beginning and an end
ü  Create a unique product ,service or result
ü  Done for a purpose
ü  Has interrelated activities
ü  Is progressively elaborated

v  PMI defines stakeholders as :
ü  Project Manager
ü  Customer
ü  Performing Organization , government agencies
ü  Sponsor
ü  Team
ü  Internal / External
ü  End users
ü  Society, Citizens
ü  Others – owners, funders, sellers

v  Stakeholder Management is made up of the following steps :
ü  Identifying stakeholders
ü  Assessing their knowledge and skills
ü  Analyzing the project to make sure their needs will be met
ü  Getting and keeping them involved in the project through assigning them work, using them as experts, reporting to them, involving them in changes and the creation of lessons learned
ü  Getting their sign-off ad formal acceptance during closure



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