Contract Costing in Construction Projects Tenders

Contract Costing in Construction Projects Tenders

The research hypothesis depends on the existence of a general phenomenon in the contracts business of the contractors represented in the fact that the actual costs of the contracts expended during the execution period exceed the estimated costs of the constructive contracts in the tender presentation phase , resulting in a financial shortage and economic problems for the contractors. The research has adopted the lifecycle of system building which goes through different phases.

the problem identification, the problem analysis and the design of the proposed management system. To achieve this goal, both the standard local and international systems have been studied. Moreover, the proposed management system has been programmed in accordance with the various computer programmers so that all of them form a developed computer program used for pricing the various activities of the construction contracts. 

A faster and more accurate program that is also characterized by being simple, scientific, efficient and easily used by the contactors. It is also flexible enough for being developed and adjusted to future changes. Furthermore, it depends on work breakdown structure and agrees with the united standard guide of quantity survey for civil engineering works.

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