10 Reasons To Be a PMP Certified

10 Reasons To Be a PMP Certified

10 Reasons To Be a PMP Certified

***Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification is the most coveted credential in project management offered by the reputed PMI.

***If you plan on a long term career as a project manager, then yes, even with your level of experience, I would suggest getting your PMP. I say this for the following reasons.

***Will expose you to mainstream thinking on project management standards, techniques, best practices, and current trends.

***You will learn great new tricks and techniques to assist you in your project management activities.

***When hiring, many companies are now giving preference to project managers that are PMP certified.

***It’s a formalized display of your professional ability. It distinguish you from other project management professionals in this tough job market.

***If working for a consulting firm, your PMP credential may help your company win business, making you more valuable to your firm.

***Will provide networking opportunities with other PMP.

***Will impress your friends at cocktail parties.

***Will provide potential teaching opportunities by conducting PMP classes to future PMP candidates. This point what I face exactly, because I love training and knowledge sharing. In fact, my slogan is (Let's learn and teach others).

***Illustrates personal drive to further your credentials, knowledge, and professional abilities.

***Open unexpected opportunities for you, such as: It gave me an excellent opportunity to be a project excellence assessor and participating in Ajman Excellence .Program for Projects in UAE in the late of 2013. I became now an IPMA Projects Award Excellence Assessor.

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