Project Management Professional (PMP): All You Need To Know About It!

Project Management Professional (PMP): All You Need To Know About It!

If you really want to be a project manager, then this is the most important certification you should be after.

Overall, we are going to talk about:

  • What is PMP Certificate?
  • Why is it important?
  • The PMP certification cost.
  • How to prepare yourself for the PMP Certificate?
  • How long will it take to finish the PMP Certificate?
  • Books and courses to help you with PMP Certificate.

So, let’s jump right into the details, which will change your life as a project manager…..

What is PMP Certificate?

Basically, every project manager knows how important the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification since it is an industry-recognized credential. Once you have the PMP certificate, you'll have loads of education, experience, competency, and skills that you need for leading and directing projects.

Project Management Institute (PMI), USA is the best in offering the PMP certification for project managers.

There's no industry on earth that doesn't need project managers with the most important certificate of PMP. However, the demand for the skills required by each project varies depending on the industry and the geographic.

A 2014 survey report by PMI confirms that there'll be great opportunities for those with the PMP certificate for any project management.

All companies recruit project managers and need to hire one with a standardized set of skills and not paying much attention what cultural background they are from. Every day, the demand of project managers increase and the more your skills, the better chances of hiring you'll get.

As a project manager, the company or project owner will expect you to be in charge of their system reorganization, guarantee effective and agreed on company outcome, convert the strategic vision & plan into tangible goals while balancing between the several projects pressures you'll face.

So, the real question is..

Why Is It Important?

1. Globally Known Among Company Owners:

If you want to have the freedom to work anywhere in the world as a project manager, then having a PMP certificate is really important. Every company owner around the world knows about the PMP certificate, so, once you have it, there's no need to explain what it is. 

Generally, +760,000 project managers around the world are PMP certified, so why not be one?

2. Grow Your Market Scope and Reach:

With the PMP certification, you can really expand your community since there are many Project Management online communities and forums for professionals. The project manager professionals share their tips and advice on how to become an even more successful project manager.

3. Salary Increase:

So, you go interview for a project manager position in a company, once they find out that you're PMP certified, you should expect until 17% increase in your salary! Any project manager with a PMP certificate enjoys a dramatic increase in their salaries!

4. Better Job Opportunities:

There's no doubt that having a PMP certificate is going to take you places, and converts yours from a project manager working for small-medium sized companies to large scaled companies!

PricewaterhouseCoopers made a survey and discovered that +80% of top-performing companies and projects hire managers with PMP certification.

5. An Excellent Investment for Your Career: 

The money you're going to pay now will reflect back and much more in the future because this certificate will change everything in your career. The PMP certificate is as not as expensive as many other high-tech courses.

And, this brings us to the next point...

The PMP Certification Cost:

Well, The PMP test is for $555 and if you're a member of the PMI, you'll get the test for only $405. Of course, the course is not, at all, expensive, because think of the salary you'll get a year for spending just $555.

How to Prepare Yourself For the PMP Certificate?

So, with such an important exam ahead of your career, what should you do to pass the PMP certificate test? 

You have to work on yourself in order to earn the PMP ( Project Management Professional) certificate and meet the education and experience required. You'll be facing a 200-question exam that will definitely change your whole career path and welcome you to the professional project managers world!

No matter how advanced your project management experience is, or other courses that you might have taken or books you've read, you need to intensely prepare yourself for this career-changing certificate. 

Those who became PMP certified were using multiple resources to help them with their studies, that's including study groups, self-study, books and courses. 

Later on in this post, I'll share with you some of the best books and courses that will help you pass the PMP exam.

Commonly, successful PMP applicants will spend 35 hours or more to prepare for the test. So, that means lots of hours and require that you'd dedicate yourself to this one certificate that will boost your income as a project manager.

Here's a list that if you follow along, I guarantee you'll be PMP certified in no time...

- Review the Current PMP Exam Content Outline.
- Study the PMP handbook.
- Get Familiar with PMP Sample Questions.
- Review the latest edition of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide).
- Enroll in a directed study course offered by PMI chapters or approved Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s).
- Moreover, you can check & study R.E.P.s self-study books or some courses we'll mention later in this post.

How Long Will it Take to Finish the PMP Certificate?

People always say how hard it is to pass the PMP exam since it requires lots of time to study. But, you already know that the PMP certificate is a valuable professional recognition.

So, how long exactly will it take you to study for the PMP exam? Well, I wish I could give you a specific answer on this one because it differs and depends on the degree of skills and experience you already have. If you're an experienced project manager it won't take you as long as a beginner project manager.

So, a survey was carried out of 100 PMP certified project managers who passed the exam with success to figure out how much time it took to study for the PMP exam.

The answers are quite shocking as it ranged from a week to 6 months' time to study for the PMP exam! So, on average that's 2 months and 3 hours of studying every day to prepare yourself for this massive 200-multiple question exam.

Basically, the average applicant needs around 180 hours to prepare for the PMP exam.

You're probably thinking that it is too many hours to prepare for just one exam! But, let me help you out here because this exam is really important.

If you can devote each day just 8 hours for your project management career, you can finish studying in 23 days, which is less than one month.

What is your brain can't take this much a day?

Then, you should devote 4 hours a day and you'll be prepared for the PMP exam in 46 days, which is less than 2 months.

Always keep in mind that time you take to prepare for the PMP really depends on your style of studying and capability as an individual. You will need to acknowledge your past exam preparation time in order to come at a more accurate time estimate.

Books and Courses to Help You with PMP Certificate:

There are lots of books and courses that really help you effectively study for your PMP exam.
However, there are 2 books that I highly recommend for you, since they both helped hundreds of PMP pre-certified people to get through the exam with success:

•    Pmbok 6
•    Rita 9

This course will help you more to prepare and get a certificate Click here 

This was your full guide on the PMP certificate and all that you needed to know!

Good luck to all project managers out there. Even, if you're beginner you can really make it to the top! 


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