9 Things Managers Do That Make Talented People QUIT!

9 Things Managers Do That Make Talented People QUIT!

Since you're here then I bet you're either a manager who actually lost some really good people and can't seem to know why! 

Or, you're a manager who just wants to make sure he/she is on the right track and afraid of losing some of your best members of your team or at work. 

As for those who are working for companies and want to agree to what I'm going to say, be my guest!

In fact, I'd like to comment and add any other thing your managers did that made you leave your job. 

9 Things Managers Do That Make Excellent People QUIT:

I want to know which one of these your manager did to you that you quit your job when you knew for sure you were PERFECT for that position…

9. The Routine = Zero Challenge:

We all can relate to the routine! The job that made you wake up early in the morning, go to work, sit on the same desk r maybe just do the same thing over and over again every day! 

Don't deny you've been there!

Definitely, you've quit your job because you felt that your manager is taking you nowhere!

No career path!

You see no promotions coming your way!

Despite the great effort you make, the amazing skill you have or even the great potential of developing and growing! 

All killed by the routine!

I can already tell you're saying "Oh yes, that happened!"

Sadly, this is a huge management mistake!

8. Discouraging Creativity:

You can be a person with so much talent, skills, or potential, but your manager doesn't encourage you to unleash that inner creativity of yours.

In fact, you find your boss boring with the same routine over and over again.

Bad management can kill creativity big time! That's what makes qualified people go! You could have a bright idea to change something about work or how things are done but your boss just says "that's how we do it!"

Talented employees, like yourself, quit because they feel they're not improving at what you're doing.

Once a manager buries your creativity, you find the only option is quitting.

So if you're a manager reading this, let your employees get creative and share their ideas and thoughts.

Because their ideas can help you improve your business and earn money.

7. Killing Employees Passion:

You know that moment when you just love the job so much, but your manager made you hate it so much because of how he is dealing with, so you just QUIT!

I have been there and I bet you've been there too!

Managers need to understand that sometimes they need to let us breathe a bit and let them work with passion.

Managers need to provide their employees the chance to innovate and increase their passion for their work by setting the perfect work environment and let them know that they are being heard.

Any employee reading this is probably nodding their heads right now!

6. Promoting The Wrong People:

Okay, there's not a single person out there who cannot relate to this! Maybe someone is messing around too much with the manager, or the manager's son or daughter gets the promotion when they are obviously WAY LESS qualified than you!

The moment when you're looking at the numbers, you're apparently achieving higher numbers, coming on time, and have more skills, but the manager just went for that other person!


If you're a manager, I want you to know that you're making the employees who can actually get the job done and achieve more profit for the company QUIT!

5. Fake Promises:

Well, this really breaks good employees and disrupts the image of the manager because the manager is giving a promise that he/she can't keep! Then, how is that manager is even capable of being a manager if they give fake promises!

Like, you'll get a salary raise next month, or when you achieve a certain number, or you'll move to that better department or get the promotion next month! 

Month after month and you're still sitting in your chair, doing the same routine, and the salary is the same!!

4. Not Caring About Their Employees:

We are all humans! Sometimes things get out of hands and you have to skip work or come to work with a bad attitude or not feeling that well. 

So, you're expecting your manager to ask what is up with you and all he/she say is "what's wrong with your performance today?" or "Why are you late today?" or "Why aren't you smiling?"

Obviously, they care about work and numbers more than how are you doing or feeling.

Managers should appreciate that employees are HUMANS! We have feelings and we're not just working machines! 

It's not always about numbers managers! You're losing talented employees over this!

3. Not Working On Your Skills:

The best way for managers to develop skills is by consistently giving meaningful feedback. Something your employees can actually work on and one thing at a time!

Managers need to stop blowing dust on their employee's faces without actually giving them a plan or telling them how to improve and become better.

Talented employees walk away when all they here are negative feedbacks and zero solutions!

The moment your employee enters your company, your management begins and it's your mission to keep up the good management instead of blowing off the talented employees away!

2. No Encouragement:

Anyone needs encouragement whenever we do anything and it's crucial at work. Managers need to make sure to maintain a challenging environment and always reward top performers to encourage to perform even better!

If you're a manager who provides a poor working environment with no encouragements, rewards or a bonus for excellent work whatsoever, then keep expecting to lose your talented employees!

Employees will always run to where they feel encouraged and rewarded for what they do. That simple act of encouragement boosts their performance, creativity and creates and a good challenge for all the employees!

1. OverWorking Your Employees:

The number one reason why most employees quit their jobs is working extra hours and what makes it even worst, is not getting paid for the extra hours or work was done!

That's literally taking advantage of employees to get the work done, and for no reason or a good reward either!

Nothing makes talented employees quit then overwork! Yes, they are good employees and they work hard, but it's not a good reason to overwork them and make them stay extra hours to get the work done!

Sometimes, it's even worse when the salary isn't that good! This is actually perplexing!

Managers are making them feel that they're punished for being talented, good or top performers!

Here's my advise to the managers out there, if you're going to put extra load on the good performers, then you need to increase their status as well, right?

I know all employees will agree with me on this! 

You'll get the overwork done, and the good employees will be satisfied with the higher rank and higher salary!

These are the 9 things managers do to make talented employees quit their jobs instantly! Do you relate to any of these as an employee?

If YES! Share with us in the comments and tell what your manager did that made you quit your job right away!

Also, if you can think of any other mistakes that managers do that make good employees quit, feel free to share them as well!

However, if you’re a manager, and you’re doing any of these 9 fatal mistakes in management, then, you need to highly consider not doing them because this is why you’re losing your talented employees! 

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