PMI Project Management Principles

PMI Project Management Principles

This material will cover the following project management topics:
• What is PMI and the PMP?
• Why PMI Project Management Principles are
Useful to Know
• A Few Basic PMI Definitions
• Five Process Groups
o Initiating
o Planning
o Executing
o Monitoring and Controlling
o Closing
• Ten Knowledge Areas
o Integration
o Scope
o Time
o Cost
o Quality
o Human Resources
o Communication
o Risk
o Procurement
o Stakeholders

• Project Management Terms, such as:

o Triple Constraint

o Project Charter

o Project Management Plan

o Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

o Predecessor Relationships
o Earned Value Management
o Gold Plating
o Responsibilities Assignment Matrix
o Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing,
o Communication Noise
o Risk Probability and Impact Matrix
o Contract Type
o Stakeholder Power vs. Interest Grid
• Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
o Honor
o Responsibility
o Respect
o Fairness
o Honesty

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