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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Project Management: Monitoring and Evaluation In the Project Cycle

What is Monitoring?

Monitoring is collecting routine data to measure the progress of a project or activity. 
It is used to track project performance over time, to make informed decisions about the effectiveness of projects and the efficient use of resources.

Monitoring is also called process evaluation because it looks at the implementation process and asks:
  • 1-How well has the project been implemented?
  • 2-How much does implementation vary from site to site?
  • 3-Did the project benefit the intended people? At what cost?

What is Evaluation?

Evaluation measures how well the program activities have achieved the objectives, and how much the changes in outcomes are due to the project.

The difference in the outcome of having the project or not having the project is known as its “impact,” and measuring this difference is referred to as “impact evaluation.”


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