MBA Accounting and Finance for Managers

MBA Accounting and Finance for Managers

This course is for MBA Candidates who are preparing for MBA Accounting and Finance for Managers (Paper MS 04 IGNOU) Paper – MBA Course - conducted by IGNOU.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand Block 1 Accounting Framework 
  • Understand Block 2 
  • Understanding Financial Statements 
  • Understand Block 3 Cost Management 
  • Understand Block 4 Financial and Investment Analysis 
  • Understand Block 5 Financial Decisions
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Teaching and Learning Style:

This course is structured in self-paced learning style. It is suggested to take screenshots of case studies for reference back during problem-solving. Approaching the course with notebook and pen or MS Excel and solving problems parallelly along with instructor will make you feel like attending real class and improve your listening and learning experience.

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