What is the Scope of Project Management Plan

What is the Scope of Project Management Plan


The Scope Management Plan is part of the project management plan. It specifies how the project scope will be defined, developed, monitored, controlled, and validated. 
Planning how to manage scope should include at least processes for:
  • Developing a detailed scope statement
  • Decomposing the project into discrete deliverables using a WBS
  • Determining what constitutes a scope change versus a revision and how scope changes will be managed through the formal change control process
  • Maintaining the WBS and the scope baseline 
  • How deliverables will be accepted
In addition, the Scope Management Plan may provide direction on the elements that should be contained in a WBS Dictionary and how the scope and requirements management plans interact.
The Scope Management Plan can receive information from:
  • Project Charter 
  • Project Management Plan
It is related to:
  • Requirements Management Plan
It provides information to:
  • Requirements Documentation
  • Scope Statement
  • WBS
  • WBS Dictionary

Elements of the Scope Management Plan

Scope Statement development: Describe how the Scope Statement will be developed including any alternatives analysis, stakeholder interviews, or research that will be conducted.

WBS structure: Describe the WBS structure and whether it will be arranged using phases, geography, major deliverables, or some other way. The guidelines for establishing control accounts and work packages may also be documented in this section.

WBS Dictionary: Identify the fields that will be used in the WBS Dictionary and the level of detail needed.

Scope baseline maintenance: Identify the types of scope changes that will need to go through the formal change control process and how the scope baseline will be maintained.

Scope change: Describe how changes to scope will be managed. This includes articulating the difference between a scope change and a scope revision.

Deliverable acceptance: For each deliverable identify how the deliverable will be validated for customer acceptance, including any tests or documentation needed for signoff.

Scope and requirements integration: Describe how the project and product requirements will be addressed in the Project Scope Statement and WBS. Identify the integration points and how requirements and scope validation will take place.

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