10 POWER TIPS if your PMP Exam is TOMORROW!

10 POWER TIPS if your PMP Exam is TOMORROW!

hey what's up, PMP exam tomorrow what do you do if your PMP exam is tomorrow false it's already too late for you to go into panic mode so don't even panic it's too late why panic you have to be calm so the first thing I'm gonna share with you 10 things that you need to do if your PMP exam is tomorrow

#Step one don't panic it's too late to panic if you want it to panic you have done it 10 months ago or 10 days ago but calm down no need to panic just remember a lot of people have done this before you it's absolutely doable you can pass the PMP exam a lot of people say the questions are so weird and they're esoteric and so on don't worry yeah you can deal with weird your tolerance for ambiguity is huge just tell yourself I can deal with unknowns I can deal with difficult questions ok, so you want to put yourself into that mode of being Superman go into Superman mode I can do it, it will amaze you how many stories, I've heard from students who say I went into the exam and I thought that the bell was already done and over with in that, I was beaten you know but I ended up winning, I've had students who said Phil I got so many professions like I couldn't even believe it, don't panic don't panic.
#Step two do a dump do a dump of page 61 in the PMBOK guide you know the page you know that same old bad channel in the PMBOK guide paid sixty-one that everyone pulls their hair out over you know it does a dump of page 61 why should you do a brain dump of page 61 do a brain dump of page 61 because it will give you confidence that you actually know something it's one of the quickest ways to accelerate your confidence levels so do a dump of page 61 okay do that dump of page 61 all of the process groups all the processes all the knowledge areas and all that stuff after you've done your dump on page 61 I want you to do a dump of the formulas.

#Step Three do a dump of all of those formulas all of those annoying anywhere those appear to those formulas and that will up your confidence levels okay
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#Step four you want to do a dump of the main inputs and outputs against the process so you've done a dump of page 61 how about adding the major inputs for every process the major outputs for every process I would highly recommend that so you've got 47 processes the major inputs to each one what are the major inputs to developing the project Charter well the business case statement of work agreement so pass okay what are the input to identify stakeholders, okay the chart is going to be there and keep going down the list folks so step four is very important you want to do a brain dump of the inputs and outputs against the processes okay

#Step Five you want to do a dump of the major tools and techniques so step 5 for developing project Charter what is one or two of the major tools and techniques expert judgment well give me another one you know and go through them like that.
#Step Six this is a fun one have family members quiz you don't family members get a kick out of seen you stumble and grasp for straws when they ask you questions from the PMBOK guide it's fun it's been done to me and you should let it be done to you so half family members quiz you about the inputs tools techniques and output using all the figure - ones in the PMBOK guide to figure 4 - 1 5 - 1 6 - 1 all the way to 14 13 sorry I'm running a little bit ahead of the PMI here there's no chapter 14 chapter 13 alright so figure 4 - 1 all the way to 13 left 1 so 4 - 1 5 - 1 6 - 1 7 - 1 8 - 1 all the way to 13 that one ok ok so when they ask you all of these questions what is an input to this or name 2 inputs to control quality that kind of thing.

#Step seven you want to review high probability topics what do I mean by high probability topics by high probability topics I'm talking about those topics that you've heard come out on the PMP exam you've heard it from a ton of people and if you haven't heard this stuff from a ton of people what are you doing you should have been on LinkedIn you should have been in a few groups on Facebook where people talk about the experience on the PMP exam and some people say risk was crazy was huge or network diagrams was definitely a recurrent theme or probably not or maybe you hear things like mass lows and McGregor's don't waste your time on that so you want to review high probability topics that you hear people moaning and groaning about you know change management stuff like that ok.
#Step eight review executing and monitoring and controlling you want to review those major IT TOS folks from the executing and monitoring and controlling process group someone says fail what about planning well by now I hope you studied planning you know but the reason why I'm honing in on executing and monitoring I control in alone you know probably spend an hour going through the major IT Till's on those because these are high trouble areas I have found people failing the entire exam because they failed to execute and they failed to monitor and control you know or they failed one of them you know some people pass everything else fail executing and that said they they just you know that's it the exam they fail the exam monitoring and control in the same thing people fail that they fail the entire exam so this is low-hanging fruit for this reason executing has eight processes but it's 31% of the exam and he imagined that eight processes but 31% of the exam Wow what about monitoring and control in monitoring and controlling eleven processes 25% of the exam oh my goodness 56% of the exam just comes from eight plus eleven nineteen while it tells me that if you can study these 19 processes really really well your chances of success will be increased you see if you take a look at processes that belong to time and risk and scope you've got six six seven that's 12 plus seven 19 pretty much the same three knowledge areas right equals this same amount of processes within execution and might remain controlling it's low-hanging fruit folks so hone in on everything and executing everything in monitoring and controlling on your final day of study I highly advise it.

#Step nine practice your exam plan if you don't have an exam plan I lost the question what are you doing what are you doing how come you don't have an exam plan and you exam is tomorrow if your exam is tomorrow folks have an exam plan and by exam plan I mean the A to Z of getting in your car get into the venue getting out of the car not studying or studying listening to some audio or not you know if you're like me like ten years ago I would study up to the last minute I found out that it's a waste of time because what you are gonna pass the exam on is already in your head just be bold so don't waste time but practice the exam plan I'm gonna wake up at this time I'm gonna drive to the venue and if you haven't checked out your venue that would be a good thing for you to do before the day of the exam check out the venue folks okay so check out your venue and practice your exam plan practice it what am I gonna do when I get into the exam what am I gonna do when I come across a pocket of tough questions what am I gonna do when I come across questions that I know but they are just so time-consuming you know all of that stuff you need to rehearse it in your head you need to rehearse it in reality as well you know so practice your exam plan what am I gonna do if I've got into question fifty and two hours have gone I hope not or maybe like me what are you gonna do if you get to question twenty and one hour has gone that happened to me folks so be careful be careful to practice your exam plan so when you find these things on the actual exam you already know what to do how many breaks are you gonna take are you gonna take one break two three four you know I've actually taken three breaks on an exam you know at the recommendation of one of my students and it was one of the best exams I've ever had I took three breaks you know one of my students Ben she out here in Arizona he took the PMP and he said Phil I took three breaks and I couldn't believe it three breaks so when I went into my car Ben exam or RMP USP can't remember the exam I took three breaks and it was great it felt good I felt in control you know I will take the break I will come back and I would feel even more refreshed than before but this is stuff that you need to practice okay so practice your exam plan are you gonna review any of the questions are you gonna change questions all that stuff needs to be rehearsed okay.

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