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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

8 Rules To Become A Successful Leader In Any Business

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Rule1: Excel at Current job Concentrate on the present, not the future. If you fall at today tomorrow is irrelevant
Rule2: Help your boss. His problems are your problems. What keeps him up at nights? Solve his problems first.
Rule3: Grab leadership positions whenever it's appropriate. Take risks instead of your boss and credit him when it works.
Rule4: Take on a task that no one else is willing to do, you make yourself stand out.
Rule5: Don't try to exert authority when you don't have it.
Rule6: Ask your boss "As we look further out, where do you see me continuing to make a contribution?"
Rule7: Identify behaviors that you can emulate while being true to yourself.
Rule8: Treat every situation as an opportunity to demonstrate the value you bring to the organization. 
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