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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A better life with Agile

During my career in the past years, I have been in many circumstances where we have to adapt to the new challenges due to the huge changes occurred in the business environment and technology, there should be a more competitive approach to manage our daily project activities in a way where we can absorb all these fluctuations and ambiguity in the business requirements, and here comes the magic of Agility, where the working environment is becoming more adaptable, flexible and enjoyable for all stakeholders whether it’s a customer or a team.
I have a passion for Agile and its mindset, and I’m sure its applicable at any type of work or industry, because Agile isn’t limited with specific methods, it’s a wide broad concept where we can live literally with it, Having an Agile mindset doesn’t mean that it will overcome all that you have learnt, Agile is Agile which means that you should have this flexibility of thinking about what is the best approach for your project, whether it’s a traditional Waterfall or Agile or a Hybrid one, this is the art of tailoring and adapting your knowledge to be the most appropriate for your project. 
I will go through the Agile concept, how and when it was born, is it a new mindset or a methodology, what are the challenges working on an Agile way, what are the characteristics of the Agile organizational structure and the Agile project manager, and is it easy to have the mindset, is it something you can aquire so this is where I begin this series of articles, as an Agile guru and practitioner I would like to put some highlight on this concept and mindset and how our working daily life will be better when we live this concept, stay tuned.. Thanks

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