Steps to Becoming a Successful Project Manager

Steps to Becoming a Successful Project Manager

Steps to Becoming a Successful Project Manager
I'd like to talk with you about the various steps on a project manager career and how you move up project management is a rapidly growing profession with both employment opportunities and average compensation increasing every year just hit a hundred and four thousand dollars job hunting prospects for project managers continue to be good and the credentials and certification and project management open a lot of doors which might otherwise be closed we'll start with a discussion of getting into the profession and then advancing through the stages of project management certification and finally reaching promotion to the level of program or portfolio executive.

when you decide you want to enter the project management profession or move up to a project manager position with your current employer you need to start by learning the basic skills you don't need academic theories and theoretical concepts of project management.

what you need to learn is the basic five-step methodology to do a smaller project and do it correctly finishing on time within budget and delivering the result the organization wants
The second phase for project managers is to earn one or more certifications those are great for job hunting and also credibility with your current employer.

The first certification is a certified associate project manager that's awarded by the project management institute PMI this first certification does not require any experience just a qualified training program and you have to pass the certification exam.

we offer a CAPM certified associateproject manager prep course which meets the education requirements of PMI andprepares you to pass the difficult CAPM exam you'll pass the first time as 95%of our students do

The next step for many project managers is certification in their specialty like construction or business or marketing or information technology or health care.

The next certification step is the project management professional designation PMP you put that after your name you earn that certification by meeting two requirements of the project management institute first you have to document 4,500 hours of experience managing projects you need to provide the name and the organization and the executive who sponsored the project you manage you also have to identify what you did on that project the other thing you have to do is no easier it's passing the PMP examination.

It's a difficult for our exam with 200questions of very tricky questions and a world wide half the people who takethe exam family now we have a prep course that teaches you all you need to knowto pass the exam and it's that course and your instructor who works with youpersonally one-on-one that allows 97% of our students to pass the first time havingthe PMP is worthwhile it's recognized around the world there are people in 156countries that have earned the PMP.

It's not a weird or rare certification it's great for job hunting and the salary for PMP just topped one hundred and four thousand dollars.

The final step up in a project management career is to move into the executive ranks where you manage multiple projects and their .project managers the positions you might occupy.

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