Top 10 tips for better & faster project management

Top 10 tips for better & faster project management

Top 10 tips for better & faster project management

You want to measure projects better and faster then read my top 10 tips for better project management, I'm the project manager so I'm doing project management to earn a living, I've done a couple of thousand projects in different companies with all kind of management levels during my time as a project manager, I learned a lot of useful tips from some of the high skills project management I ever met so these here are my top 10 tips for better project management tip.

#Tip number one don't trust project management rules more than your gut feelings they are helpful for a standard process and no projects I ever manage really worked like a standard way when something unexpected happens and this will help on your project trust dimension skills and trust your gut feeling and handle situation with common sense and not with a standardized procedure 
#Tip number two no project plan survives the first contact with reality don't be frustrated when your project plan does not work out planning is one thing and it's useful because then you have to think about each different step and all the riverboats and what you have to do in the project but when you start project I'm going to do a kickoff and when the first days of the project just went by trust me you have to change the project plan because usually that's not fit into reality and unexpected things will happen so don't get frustrated adapt your project plan and keep on looking 

#Tip number three try to bring things to an end it's really important to finish task and by finishing I mean you have to sign them off and you have to agree with your team that it's finished then you have to communicate it to the whole team to the whole management board to a steering committee that this task is finished and that it couldn't be changed anymore 
#Tip number four try to avoid scopes creep what I see very often in project is what I call a scopes creep this means that the project gets out of scope and this means that there are some tasks something in the project which doesn't belong there to avoid a scopes creep to regular check-ups with your teams that hence tried to figure out if your project is still is in scope if not realign it 

#Tip number five have regular meetings with your core team it's super important to have something like at your face you have to meet with your core team you have to discuss the current timeline you have to discuss the current development of the project and if there are some risk of issues with you haven't seen before so too irregular to fix and talk to a team 
#Tip number six always keep your team informed when doing regular to fix of course your core team will be informed but also look out for the other stakeholders like the management board or like a steering committee so people you don't talk to every day or every week keep them in the loop inform them about the big problems the big issues or also about the big success you had in the project 

#Tip number seven be honest nothing is more harmful for a project than dishonesty so when there is a problem when you are their issue and some unexpected things happened tell everyone and be honest be honest to yourself be honest to your team members and also be honest to his steering committee of the management board they want to know if there are problems they want to help you so to tell him that you need help tell them that you need more resources so that you need more time I'm sure there were listened and I'm sure they'll understand 
#Tip number eight have an excellent filing it sounds very boring but trust me and good firing is really really really helpful when it comes to critical situations everything that happens in the project pilot fibers interior digital folder or file into a folder it happens so often that people want to know specific thing about a project and it saves so much time when you know where you have to look it up 

#Tip number nine when your project is done evaluated when the project is done do some feedback lessons with a team with a management board or with a steering committee to find out what you have learned during the project it is very important to take the learnings from your project so you can improve your work for the next time.

#Tip number 10 celebrate your results I'm serious when you've finished a project or you're when you've finished a very important milestone celebrate it with your team do something like taking them out for dinner or doing some fun activities and just show them your respect and that you honor the hard work they did  if you have any other ideas for great project management just write it down through the comments 

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