Your Quick Guide To Business Management-Free Online Course

Your Quick Guide To Business Management-Free Online Course

Welcome to Your Quick Guide To Business Management. 
If you are interested in building an academic foundation in Business Management, stay tuned because this course will have everything you’re looking for! 

You will learn the important role ethics play in business, how to make decisions, the foundations of planning, organizational structure, and design, why human resource management is crucial to business, how to manage change, how to motivate subordinates, the different theories of leadership, and how to communicate effectively. 

The content of this course is based on the best business management textbook I studied in my business degree. However, I removed all the fluff to give you the crucial information you will need to be an excellent manager. So, go ahead and start Your Quick Guide To Business Management.

What Will I Learn? 

  1. Foundational understanding of business management 
  2. Developing and implementing plans and strategies 
  3. How to motivate subordinates 
  4. How to make decisions in business 
  5. How to communicate effectively as a manager 
  6. How to manage change in an organization

Who is the target audience? 

  1. Anyone wanting to learn about business management 
  2. Business owners and managers 
  3. Entrepreneurs

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