Business Analyst: Project Management Techniques and Tools

Business Analyst: Project Management Techniques and Tools

Learn project management techniques to increase your project success rate as a Business Analyst!

What Will I Learn? 

  • Be able to successfully manage projects while also playing the role of a Business Analyst
  • Learn to initiate a project by creating a Business Case, understanding the Business Objective, and creating a Project Charter 
  • Ability to manage stakeholders by identifying, categorizing, mapping, and assigning them responsibilities 
  • Be able to appropriately plan for a project by creating a Project Schedule, Communication Plan, Quality Plan, and Go Live Plan 
  • Understand the role of a Project Manager during project execution and how to keep the project team up to speed on the project progress 
  • How to properly elicit feedback and identify lessons learned to dictate changes on future projects


This course will teach you how to successfully manage projects as a Business Analyst! 
The fact is, not every project can have a dedicated Project Manager. Sometimes the project is simply too small or doesn't provide enough value to warrant the overhead costs of another dedicated team member.

What bonuses are included? 

  • You receive a Stakeholder Map template! This template will allow you to be effective and efficient in creating Stakeholder Maps. 
  • Also included is a RACI Matrix template! This template will enable you accurately assign and document stakeholder responsibilities for your projects. 
  • Outside of the templates, you also gain access to an industry expert! I am not just the instructor of this course, I am also a resource and a mentor to give you guidance and tips to begin or advance your career.

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