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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Success factors for Enterprise Project Management

It is an acknowledged fact that the active support and involvement of the senior management team is the most important success factor in an enterprise performance management or enterprise project management. So influential is this success factor that the creators of the EPM initiative have made „mobilizing change through executive leadership‟ one of the five principles for building a strategy-focused organization. 

The single most important scorecard success criterion is the active support and involvement of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), because it is the CEO who is ultimately held accountable for the success or failure of strategies. 

The CEO has to lead from the top and re-engineer the management process from within the organization. Further, the CEO and the senior team collectively own the strategy. When the CEO and senior team fail to own the initiative, the Balanced Scorecard of Enterprise Project Management tool becomes merely one more performance improvement tool among many with no such measurable success.

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