Quality Control in Construction Projects

Quality Control in Construction Projects

Utility systems need infrastructure to last as long as possible. One way to ensure longevity is through quality control. To have good quality control in construction projects is to perform good inspections. Remember, you can inspect it now or fix it later.

Quality control is critically important to a successful construction project and should be adhered to throughout a project from conception and design to construction and installation. Inspection during construction will prevent costly repairs after the project is completed. 

The inspector, engineer, contractor, funding agency, permit agency, and system personnel must work together to inspect, document, and correct deficiencies.

What is quality control? 

For construction projects, quality control means making sure things are done according to the plans, specifications, and permit requirements. The days of easy federal money seem to be over, making it imperative that communities get the most out of their infrastructure projects.

One of the best ways to assure good construction projects is to use an inspector. The first step an inspector should take is to become familiar with the plans, specification, and permit requirements and, equally important, to have some common sense. 
Quality control during all construction phases needs to be better, and the utility system needs to know what is being installed while the work is being done. On most construction jobs, the inspection is one of the last things to be done—if it gets done at all.

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