IT Project Management Practices Guide

IT Project Management Practices Guide

The IT Project Management Practices Guide (Guide) contains a repeatable, institution-wide approach for the management of application development and/or software procurement and deployment projects. 

These project management (PM) practices are transferable to other types of projects (beyond IT) that would benefit from project management. The following sections of the Guide represent the ordered steps for each project, to ensure that proper activities and management are utilized:
  • Step 1. Application of Project Management – distinguishes what types of work should and should not be categorized as projects and includes the general flow of projects from idea into deployment. This step also defines and outlines project management process groups
  • Step 2. Project Classification – assigns a classification level to a project based on a combination of complexity and risk; this step also defines projects that require an additional level of management, as defined by State of Texas guidelines;
  • Step 3. PM Required Processes – details processes required to be completed for each level of project, as classified in Step 2
  • Step 4. Document Management – outlines document management requirements for documents created as part of PM Required Processes
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