An Introduction to Project Management

An Introduction to Project Management

An introduction to Project Management pdf
An Introduction to Project Management pdf
Management: Management is the technique of understanding the problems, needs and controlling the use of Resources, Cost, Time, Scope and Quality.

Project Management: Application of knowledge, skills, tools & techniques to project activities in order to meet stakeholder needs & expectations from a project.

Why do companies use PM? 

  • To handle projects effectively in an organization. 
  • To define the project and agree with the customer 
  • To plan and assess resource needs for the project 
  • To estimate project cost and make proposals 
  • To plan & schedule activities in a project. 
  • To allocate the right resource at the right time. 
  • To assess risk and failure points and make backup plans. 
  • To lead a project team effectively and communicate well
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Why do people learn PM? 

  • To explore the latest concepts and techniques of project management.
  • To increase value/contribution to the organization. 
  • To prove yourself skillful in managing projects.
  • To learn a new thought process that helps organized thinking and structured approach. 
  • To acquire a professional degree/ recognition and increase job prospects. 
  • Endless possibilities and benefits

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