Introduction to Project Management: Principles, Techniques and Tools

Introduction to Project Management: Principles, Techniques and Tools

What is a Project?

A project is a sequence of unique, complex, and connected activities having one goal or purpose and that must be completed by a specific time, within budget, and according to specification.

The concept of Project Planning:

Project Planning involves understanding the fundamentals of a project:
  • What business situation is being addressed? 
  • What do you need to do? 
  • What will you do? 
  • How will you do it? 
  • How will you know you did it? 
  • How well did you do?
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Plan The Project

Identify work to be done and estimate time, cost and resource requirements and gain approval to do the project.
  • Defining all of the work of the project 
  • Estimating how long it will take to complete this work 
  • Estimating the resources required to complete the work
  • Estimating the total cost of the work 
  • Sequencing the work
  • Building the initial project schedule 
  • Analyzing & adjusting the project schedule 
  • Writing a risk management plan
  • Documenting the project plan 
  • Gaining senior management approval to launch the project

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