The Impact of Strategic 0perations on Strategic Projects Management

The Impact of Strategic 0perations on Strategic Projects Management

The purpose of this study to examine the Impact of strategic operations on strategic projects management. The problem formulated and discussed by the current study dashing from the major of the questions: Is there any influence of factors of external and internal environment on strategic operations through its fields of Operations Technology's, Production Planning and Control, and Organizing and Management? In addition to that, is there an influence of strategic operations through their fields and operational goals, on strategic project management? Is it possible to regulate the relationship between the areas of strategic operations, including enhancing the competitiveness of the group? 

To answer the above questions a hypothetical layout was put forth to the study, which reflects the nature of the relationship between the elements of the external environment of Government Policies, Competition, Economic Factors. And the internal environment of Innovation, Human Resources, Organizational Structure. and strategic operations through its fields, and their impact on the strategic projects management in respect to Time, Quality, Consumer (public), Cost, Resources. 

The study found a set of conclusions, among them the following:
1-The study confirmed the reliability of the key variables and the subsidiary (Government Policies, Competition, Economic Factors) to represent the external environment. And (Innovation, Human ض Resources, Organizational Structure) to represent the internal environment affecting the strategic level of operations in Nuqul Group.

2-An analysis of external and internal environment to the Nuqul Group emphasizes the importance of variables, environments on strategic operations with the exception of competition as it did not attach importance to this variable in the impact and the relationship on strategic operations, it was clear from the study the refusal to accept the hypothesis to the effect that competition has an impact on strategic operations.

3-The focused attention of Nuqul Group of environmental factors in advanced stage of realization of the philosophy of strategic processes to develop a strategic operations with the strategy of the organization together, because they affect the strategic project management.

4-Analysis showed the power of strategic operations to manage strategic projects management depending on the degree of impact resulting from the areas of strategic operations and interdependence, which contributes significantly to the strategic projects management.

5-The researcher presented his findings reached by him, in addition to submitting the proposals emanating from it, as well as leaving for future researchers to search other parts that we didn't cover in the model.

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