The Importance of Management in Construction Projects Under Stressful Environment

The Importance of Management in Construction Projects Under Stressful Environment

The Importance of Management in Construction Projects Under Stressful Environment

The importance of management in constructive project which work in pressing environment in considered the most dynamic roles in any successful project where all project need managers and leaders that are responsible for guidance and management of daily activities for the guarantee if the success of the project and meeting the needs of the work and laborer. 

The successful management includes the necessity of the harmony of managers with the work environment in constructive projection to help the continuity projection of the work. The work environment becomes pressing due to many factors , among the most important of them are: the disproportion of the quality of work and number of laborer , the shortage of planning, reduce of competence and experience, the pressure of chair person and the owner on the employee and the weakness of technical and financial possibilities of the entrepreneur to be successful management , there are many factors that should be considered for many management of projects. 

The availability of support and welfare from the higher management determination of total costs of the project, the competence of human factor and necessity of making planning for project. Two approaches have been following: first, theoretical approach which means the collection of information related to the study from books, reference and internet. Second, practical approach which means the collection of data from the study population through the questionnaire. 

I have analyzed the data and reached many findings or result, among the most of them: the majority of factors that affect the delay of the achievement of constructive projects lie in the stage of planning. This reflects the importance of planning in constructive projects. 

Also, the absence of time scheduling for businesses, the financial difficulties which encounter the entrepreneur, the miscalculation of cost, the insufficient number of equipment, laborer and materials for constructive So conclude that the higher management should be careful about the most important points of the project, such as the expansion in the vocational academies for training so that the staff can acquire the scientific and professional experiences in the construction sector. 

The utilization of modern techniques that help in improving the projects outputs ,(time, cost, quality) , the necessity of adopting, investigation and checking up by the founders of contracting companies and their management boards to select the human elements that are in charge of managing these companies.

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