Value Engineering & Cost Control Management

Value Engineering & Cost Control Management

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Value Engineering Cost Control Management
In past 20 years a big construction boom start in the Gulf region, on another hand the world economy financial crisis create a huge need to start thinking seriously how we will manage and control these new projects and get the maximum profit from these investments, we need more powerful methodologies, tools, and technics to get the best value for our money. 

The main objective of project management is to deliver the project right from the first time on time, with high quality and within budget to achieve owner satisfaction. Therefore, Value Engineering Methodology can be utilized as powerful cost and quality control tool on construction projects.
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Value Engineering Definition:

Value Engineering / Value Analysis / Value Management Are Synonymous Meaning a Creative, Function‐Oriented, Systematic Team Approach with the Objective to Optimize Quality / Performance and Reduce Total Life Cycle Costs of Projects or Processes.

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