An introduction to Planning and Controlling

An introduction to Planning and Controlling

An introduction to Planning and Controlling

Planning and controlling are two separate functions of management, yet they are closely related. The scope of activities if both are overlapping with each other. Without the basis of planning, controlling activities becomes baseless and without controlling, planning becomes a meaningless exercise. 
In absence of controlling, no purpose can be served by. Therefore, planning and controlling reinforce each other. According to Billy Goetz.

The relationship between the two can be summarized in the following points

  • Planning preceeds controlling and controlling succeeds in planning. 
  • Planning and controlling are inseparable functions of management. 
  • Activities are put on rails by planning and they are kept at right place through controlling. 
  • The process of planning and controlling works on Systems Approach which is as follows :
    Planning → Results → Corrective Action
  • Planning and controlling are integral parts of an organization as both are important for smooth running of an enterprise. 
  • Planning and controlling reinforce each other. Each drives the other function of management.
In the present dynamic environment which affects the organization, the strong relationship between the two is very critical and important. In the present day environment, it is quite likely that planning fails due to some unforeseen events. 

There controlling comes to the rescue. Once controlling is done effectively, it gives us stimulus to make better plans. Therefore, planning and controlling .are in separate functions of a business enterprise.

Key Terms used in Planning:

  • Goals comprise the org’s purposes statements in a wider perspective. 
  • Objectives are goals expressed in concrete and measurable terms. 
  • Strategies often denote a general program of actions and an implied deployment of emphasis and resources to meet the comprehensive objectives.

How do managers plan?

  • Establish a goal or set of goals. What the Org. wants or needs. 
  • Define the present situation. How far the Org. from its goals. Available resources?
  • Identify the aids and barriers to the goals. What factors in the internal and external environments can help the Org. reach its goals. Or, factors which might create problems? 
  • Develop a plan or set of actions for reaching the goal(s): Strategic Plan and Operational Plan

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