Six Sigma Control Plan Excel Template

Six Sigma Control Plan Excel Template

Six Sigma Control Plan Excel Template
Six Sigma methodologies are famed for their logical, data-driven approach to problem resolution. 
But what truly sets them apart from other quality paradigms is their versatility and applicability in contexts that fall well outside the purview of manufacturing, where they had their conception.

Find out how to use one of the most commonly used and effective tools from the Six Sigma arsenal: a Control Plan.

What Is A Six Sigma Control Plan? 

In the world of quality management, a control plan is a written summary of the process that lays out in detail the steps to be taken to maintain a process or a device operating at the current level of performance. 
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Control plans include a description of each step in the process and the parameters that need to be kept in check to ensure there are no excessive deviations from mean performance or variation in a batch of products. Control Plans are extensively utilized by Six Sigma professionals and are an integral part of the Six Sigma set of methodologies.
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