Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Development

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Development


Agenda Items:
  • What is a Breakdown Structure 
  • Where does it fit in PM 
  • Bottom-Up Development 
  • Top Down Development 
  • Help and References 
  • Additional Questions
Training Goal:
  • To understand the process, it’s purpose and benefits. 
  • To learn enough about the process to begin using it. 
  • To know where you can access the process and any of the supporting materials.
WBS Definition:
  • A deliverable-oriented grouping of project elements that organizes and defines the total scope of the project work. 
  • Work not in the WBS is not in scope of the project. 
  • Each descending level represents an increasingly detailed description of the project elements. 
  • Often used to develop or confirm a common understanding of project scope.
Download also:
A work breakdown structure in project management and systems engineering is a deliverable-oriented breakdown of a project into smaller components.

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