Project Planning & Scheduling

Project Planning & Scheduling

Project Planning & Scheduling: 
  • People demonstrating this competency effectively plan, schedule, monitor and control activities necessary for predictable fulfillment of planned activities with efficient utilization of available resources. 
  • The output from project planning is captured as part of a project deliverable called as Project Execution Plan (PEP) or Project Management Plan or Project Plan.

Planning Overview:
  • Determine the Project Scope 
  • Build a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) on a paper. 
  • Identify the task relationships and build a high-level project schedule network diagram on a paper. 
  • Estimate work packages 
  • Calculate initial schedule 
  • Assign and level resources 
  • Create/refine the project schedule
Project Planning: 
  • Project Planning involves detailing the strategy for Customer. 
  • The Project Manager shall encourage the participation of whole project team while developing the Project Plan. 
  • Lot of iterations or progressive detailing of the execution strategy may be needed while developing this project deliverable as the project team understands the interdependencies and implications of different components of the Project Plan.

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