Successful Project Planning

Successful Project Planning

1-Why Project Planning?
2-History of Project Management
3-Meaning of a Project
4-Types of Projects
5-Definition of a Project
6-Advantages of a project-based approach
7-What happens if the projected consciousness is not there?
8-Planning & Project Planning
9-Project Plan
10-Characteristics of a project
11-Elements of a Project
12-Project Objectives
13-Project Plan components
14-What are the differences between projects and operations
(regular administration) ?
15-What is Project Management?
16-Definition of Project Management
17-Project Management Tools .. activities
18-What is a successful project?
19-Problem & Objective Analysis
20-Project Life Cycle Phases

Why Project Planning? 

One Of the most important administrative developments in the developed as well as in developing countries has been the initiation and growth of a large number of new programs/projects in every field like agriculture, irrigation, industry, community development, health & social welfare etc.. The principal aims and objectives of all these programs have been to bring about overall changes in the existing socio-economic structure in the country providing thereby dignified way of life to a citizen as a unit and socio-economic upliftment of the society. 

So most of the administrators are directly concerned with the program/project administration than other activities. The capability of the administrative system to formulate and implement, relevant and in viable programs effectively constitutes a crucial element in the process of development. Development requires planning and planning includes a lot of programs/projects.

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