The Role of the Project Manager

The Role of the Project Manager

The Role of the Project Manager
The Role of the Project ManagerThe Role of the Project Manager

Experience has shown that the selection of the project manager is a key appointment which can influence the success or failure of the project. As the single point of responsibility, it is the project manager who integrates and coordinates all the contributions and guides them to successfully complete the project. The role of the project manager should be outlined in the project charter along with the purpose of the project. 

The following lists some desirable "project manager attributes:

1-Ability to select and develop an operational team from a standing start 
2-Leadership and management ability 
3-Ability to anticipate problems, solve problems and make decisions
4-Ability to integrate the project stakeholders Operational flexibility 
5-Ability to plan, expedite and get things done 
6-Ability to negotiate and persuade 
7-Understand the environment within which the project is being managed 
8-Ability to review monitor and apply control
9-Ability to administer the contract, the scope of work and scope changes 
10-Ability to manage within an environment of constant change
11-Ability to keep the client happy.

We are witnessing a silent revolution - the transition from conventional functional management to project management. It is Goodbye MBA - hello MSc Project Management. I hope you are on-board!

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