Defining Roles and Responsibilities Made Simple for any Plant or Facility

Defining Roles and Responsibilities Made Simple for any Plant or Facility

 Defining Roles and Responsibilities Made Simple for any Plant or Facility
In this post I would like to open your mind and see if what I am sharing with you today is something your organization faces daily or maybe could do a better job at aligning workflow processes. Communication is one of the largest failure in many organizations. Defining Roles and Responsibilities is critical to align everyone toward a common goal;  
"Optimize Reliability at Optimal Cost"
Have you ever seen a disagreement in your facility over a process and how something should be performed even when processes are in place?

Ever walked in a morning plant meeting and it seems like we continue to experience the same problems.If have never seen this type of behavior before then you and your organization are very fortunate.

In most organizations there always seems to have a conflict or misunderstanding between individuals, managers, and departments concerning (these are just examples)
-How Preventive Maintenance should be conducted 
-Expectations from Preventive Maintenance
-How Production should work with Maintenance
-How Leading and Lagging KPIs should be effectively posted and managed
-How to reduce/mitigate the same equipment/operations/maintenance problems effectively
Based on over 30 years of experience managing change these are my thoughts:
Step 1: ID a process which seems to be misunderstood or confusing to people at your site 
Step 2: Develop a list of reasons why this process could be misunderstood 
Step 3: Define all the key players, ie. Maintenance Techs, Production Supervision, etc. 
Step 4: Define the steps in this process 
Step 5: Define Roles and Responsibilities (Develop a RACI Chart – see example below) Use my definition for Roles and Responsibilities.

Step 6: Measure what you manage 
Step 7: Manage this process using “Continuous Improvement” 
Step 8: Ensure a task is understood, executed to specifications/standard, and managed
Below is an Example of a RACI.

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