My Experience for Passing the CMRP

My Experience for Passing the CMRP

 My Experience for Passing the CMRP
I receive at least 10 - 15 request daily from people around the world who want to know how to pass the CMRP Exam. These are my thoughts based on my experience and these comments are not endorsed SMRP.
1. Join SMRP ( 2. Participate in Local Chapters / Attend SMRP Conference 3. Have Experience in Maintenance and Reliability 4. Gain Knowledge in Known Best Practices in Maintenance and Reliability 5. Gain Knowledge of SMRP Metric Definitions and how they are measured 6. Gain Knowledge of the SMRP Body of Knowledge 7. Take the CMRP Exam 
"If a step in a process is skipped or performed at a substandard level it creates defects known as failures"

The Author: Ricky Smith CMRP, CMRT, CRL
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