Principles of Measuring Performance by Ron Moore

Principles of Measuring Performance by Ron Moore

 Principles of Measuring Performance by Ron Moore

If you ever met Ron Moore you would understand why I want to share a link to his latest awesome article titled "the Principles of Measuring Performance" which any leader can apply to optimize their current maintenance, reliability, and safety programs (maybe even optimize their current production performance, oh yes, even production performance).If you are a leader and want to improve the performance of your organization, team, crew, or yourself then this article is a must read.
Ron states... "Your performance measures must expose your weaknesses so you can improve them". Another way of saying this is: “Do you want to look good, or be good?”  This may sound hard to believe but we can all learn new things, even I find myself learning something new once in a while, in fact I learned a number of great ideas from this article.  

Share this article at work with others at work. In fact, make copies of Ron's article place them in strategic locations, such your conference room, the plant manager's desk, restroom, and maintenance shop.  After reading this article, think about "the one thing you learned and will use to your improve your organization".

Go to the following link to read this awesome article. Link to: "Principles of Performance Management" by Ron Moore

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