Simple Steps to Moving from Reactive to Proactive

Simple Steps to Moving from Reactive to Proactive

 Simple Steps to Moving from Reactive to Proactive
If moving from Reactive to Proactive were easy everyone would be doing it. Less than .1% of companies have proactive maintenance. What is critical is if you are in Reactive Maintenance then Production is Reactive as well. This requires a team effort. Here are a few steps I know works.
  1. Educate yourself and your leadership team in what proactive maintenance looks like. Never discuss that production is reactive. All this does is build walls that cannot be torn down.     
  2. Look for articles which discusses reactive maintenance and reactive production. Discuss these articles as a plant team with no finger pointing or blaming everyone. If the organization is reactive the only way to move forward is as a team.     
  3. Do not look for "Silver Bullets" because there are none. If this were easy everyone would be proactive.     
  4. Use "Leading and Lagging Key Performance Indicators" to manage progress and do not make decisions on the data at first. The data will look like it is out of control but if measured correctly it will show you where you really are. 

5. Post a chart stating what your management team will accept and not accept. 
 Finally, make a difference today.
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