Top 3 Reasons Why Equipment Fails

Top 3 Reasons Why Equipment Fails

 Top 3 Reasons Why Equipment Fails

Equipment failures results in lost of capacity, profit, jobs, frustration, etc.  Can we mitigate equipment failures? In order to answer this question one must understand why equipment fails.
1. Operators not operating the equipment to specifications. If one wants to reduce/mitigate a functional failure then one must focus on operating the equipment to specification. Example: Rate, Speed, Quality, etc. and held accountable to meet these specifications. "Measure what you manage"

2. Maintenance personnel not performing Preventive Maintenance (PM) to specifications. If a PM is to be effective one must follow repeatable procedures to ensure everyone performs the PM to specifications. Example: Tolerances, Specifications, etc.

3. No one measuring the true impact of the two previous problems.  Dr. Deming once stated "you cannot manage something you do not measure"  Take a moment to reflect on the "Top 3 Reasons why Equipment Fails" and develop a plan to resolve any of previously discussed issues, measure the plan, and manage the plan.  Good luck and please post your comments or share your experiences with others. 

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