Critical Importance of Effective Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

Critical Importance of Effective Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

 Critical Importance of Effective Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

"Effective Maintenance Planning and Scheduling is required to ensure Optimal Reliability of any organization and results in lower overall cost"
The question is "what does effective Maintenance Planning and Scheduling look like?"
> Wrench-time is high (80-90% hands on tool time in proactive work) 
> Interruptions or break-ins to production is low.
> Cost are Low - "Total cost as a % of Replacement of Asset Value"
In a proactive state when "Equipment Reliability Increases Total Cost Decreases" thus total cost can only be reduced long term when equipment reliability increases.
What is the definition of Maintenance Planning and Scheduling?
These are two different functions unbeknownst to most people. I learned this a long time ago.
Dr. Deming (founder of quality management system) once stated:
"If a step in a process is skipped or performed at a substandard level it creates defects known as failures, the output of a healthy reliability process is Optimal Reliability at Optimal Cost"
Maintenance Planning: Is the act of ensuring maintenance work prepared, designed to meet the requirements of production. The identified of labor requirements (number, type, and skill level), identification and staging of parts, material and specific tools.
Maintenance Scheduling: The act of scheduling Maintenance Work minimizing interruption to production and ensure maintenance work is completed accurately. Maintenance Scheduling must be scheduled by day by week.

The Roll of the Maintenance Planner 
Maintenance Planners are one of the most misused resources in the maintenance organization.  We must always remember that the Maintenance Planner represents that single resource in the organization who is strictly dedicated on preparing for the future. Without this focus, we fall victim to the typical maintenance wastes associated with a reactive organization.

The Objective of Maintenance Planning is the reduction of Major losses:
> Waiting for Instructions or Drawings 
> Winging it Without Instructions or Drawings 
> Waiting for Parts > Looking for Supervisors for Instructions 
> Making Multiple Trips to the Job Site > Looking for the Right Tools 
> Making the Wrong Tools Work 
> Waiting for Approval/Permits 
> Waiting for the Equipment to be Prepared; i.e.
If a company truly wants to optimize equipment reliability, capacity, and reduce total cost Maintenance Planning and Scheduling must be accomplished with discipline by the total plant.

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