My recent interview with John Day "World Class Production thru World Class Maintenance"​

My recent interview with John Day "World Class Production thru World Class Maintenance"​

John Day and Ricky Smith
 My recent interview with John Day "World Class Production thru World Class Maintenance"​

First: Who is John Day PE, designer and founder of Proactive Maintenance"?
John Day was:
one of the founding members of SMRP in 1997 (Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals) and the design architect of “World Class Maintenance” (John titled this process as: 

 "World Class Production thru World Class Maintenance"
managed Maintenance and Engineering at one of three plants in world certified as meeting “World Class Maintenance Standards” established by HSB-RT  (HSB-RT conducted this month long assessment at no charge in order to establish this standard Globally) 

considered by the many to be the founder of “Proactive Maintenance” at Alcoa at Holly Mt Holly
established my foundation in Proactive Maintenance during my time working in maintenance for John Day 
John Day reiterated these words to me during my most recent interview (September 2018):
"It is believed that many maintenance management deficiencies or failures have resulted from having poorly constructed philosophies or the reliance upon procedures, systems, or popular programs that have no real philosophical basis”
“The development of a maintenance philosophy to support the concept of proactive planned and scheduled maintenance is critical"
“Maintenance must provide an efficient continuous operating facility at all times”
“Maintenance would also be treated as an investment rather than a cost”
“Maintenance must have a comprehensive philosophy that is fully integrated with production”
“Maintenance would be treated as an investment and as such is expected to show a positive return thus providing profitability of  to an operation”
“The Management Philosophy for Maintenance is just as important as the philosophy established for any business operation”

"Maintenance can only be Proactive or Reactive, no other combination is acceptable."
“for most of industries, maintenance is a supervised function at best, with little real cost control. But it must be a managed employing the best methods and systems available to produce profitable results that have a positive effect on profitability"
The Author: Ricky Smith CMRP, CMRT, CRL
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