Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet - Free HR Excel Template

Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet - Free HR Excel Template

Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet - Free HR Excel Template
Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet - Free HR Excel Template
Are you in the process of recruiting for an open job/position? You can use this simple Excel template to track the status of the applicants (candidates) in an organized way. You can get an instant view of how many applicants are in the pipeline. You can also easily view the top reasons why candidates were not selected.
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hello and welcome to another excel template from ins Ericom if you are in the process of recruiting for an open position then you will find this template helpful in keeping all the information around your applications in one place in an organized way and it will easily allow you to identify how many candidates are in the active pipeline where in the recruitment funnel our candidates falling off top reasons why the candidates are being rejected for the job in this video we will go through how to easily use this excel template to begin with we will have the job title recruiter name and the job posted date and you can enter any of the information according to your needs and then you have the set of stages there are four stages maximum allowed in this template by default you have application phone screen interview and offer but if in your scenario you want to call them differently not a problem at all so you can just call it something else and the template will automatically update let me just leave it as application for now the fifth stage is actually hiring so once the person is offered and the offer is accepted then the fifth stage is completed I will discuss the fifth stage of hiring just in a couple of minutes but let's keep going with the four stages so we have these four in between stages and we are actively hiring for this job now you will enter the applicants information in this table here so we already have about 12 applications entered and the way this table works is that each row is a unique application and the and the name of the applicant is entered in this column and then there are four date columns so the date columns are nothing but the dates when each of the applicant entered these four stages so for example this applicant one entered the application stage on 10th August so that means the application applicant submitted the application on 10th August and then a phone screen was done 15 August and an interview was done on 16th August and so essentially the four stages are tracked by just entering the dates when each applicant cross that stage if it is decided that a candidate will not go past a certain stage for example the applicant one after the interview it was decided that the candidate will not go forward and so in that scenario you just change the status to closed that means that this candidate or this application is now completed for this specific jobs point of view and when you enter the status closed make sure that you also enter a declined reason you can enter any reason you would like I've just given some examples here whether it's a technical skills or the lack of experience or the culture fit you can have more reasons in your scenario now after that you can enter any comments you have about that specific application the last column is the stage column and this represents the current or the last stage that the applicant was in so for example this applicant reached the interview stage and then you know was decided not to move forward so the state says interview let's take another applicant applicant 3 this candidate actually has been given an offer on 17 September but it's not closed yet meaning we're still waiting for the offer to be accepted and then the stage that this candidate is is an offer stage and then as you can see below some candidates are in the phone screen stage some are in the interview stage this is a calculation that is based on the information that you have entered here it's very straightforward you don't have to edit it please don't edit the formula here this is the only calculation field that's here everything else you're going to type it in now this is all the data entry that you need to do the information at the top right on the top right is actually automatically calculated for you so at the top it says it's hiring meaning you're still hiring for this position and there are being 12 applications 55 days in hiring so from August first it's been 55 days as of today and you're still not completed the hiring and this is the active pipeline active pipeline represents the number of applications that are currently being evaluated and have not been decided on so anything where you don't have closed so if you say closed status that means you have taken a decision otherwise it is active so active pipeline says that there is one person who has submitted the application that there are two people who are in the phone's cleaning there are there's one in the interview one in the offer stage and then the recruitment funnel is currently it is showing you of all the applications where we have made a decision over here over all these six different applications we have made a decision by saying it's closed so of all those six applications all six actually went to the phone screen stage and four of them into the interview stage and but none of them actually went to the offer stage so this is this represents of all the disciplic ations that you have made the decisions on completed the decisions this is how the funnel looks like and you can see where the candidates are falling off so after the interview you have not given any offers to any of these people that means that the interviews happened but you are not really happy with the interviews and that's why they're not getting any offers the top declined reasons so why are they not going to the offer stage why are they not being given the offer you can see the reasons the top three reasons are shown culture fed technical and experience and you can see 50% of the declines where because of the culture fit reason so instantly you'll see the top three decline reasons and now this summary is great as you are getting more applications as you're doing more interviews phone screens you will start typing in more information more applications at the bottom here by tapping it in and as you're doing you know an application I was received so you need to have a date in there and I'm just typing in some random dates here but let's say the phone screen was done the next day for this person so I will just type that in and then same thing with this person now these people have done the phone screens so as you enter the data the summary automatically updates let's say that this person the applicant 3 who we offered actually accepted it so accepted it on 24th of September so what we are going to do is to write select from the drop-down menu applicant 3 and you can type in September 24th as the hire date so now what happened is that the summary now say is hired which means you have completed the process of hiring for this open position and now the active pipeline really doesn't mean anything that the active pipeline just shows that you have not clicked the status as closed what do you want to do with these other candidates who are still out there who you have done phone screens with so if you make a decision to call them and let them know that the position is filled then come back and update the status as closed then your active pipeline will shrink and disappear as you close these open applications the recruitment funnel automatically now gives you for all applications so all the 13 applications 12 of them went to the phone screen 6 of them into the interview one was offered so this is the funnel and it helps you identify where the things are falling off and we already talked about the declined reason of course if you want to do this for more jobs you can make a copy of this excel workbook and have one workbook for each job position and then that will allow you to track each of the job positions separately if there are any questions about this template please leave me a comment if there are any obvious features that are missed or if you think that some scenarios are not incorporated please leave me a comment and I'll definitely do my best to incorporate them I look forward to your feedback you can download this template from ins Ericom thank you very much for watching the video 


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