10 Critical Steps in creating a Project Plan

10 Critical Steps in creating a Project Plan

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Although project plans differ from company to company, there are 10 critical elements or steps that must be included in an effective project plan. 

A project plan is the culmination of meticulous planning by a project manager. It is the master document that guides how a project will run, and according to the Project Management Institute, it is “a formal, approved document used to guide both project execution and project control.” It is the plan of plans because documented within it are the project manager’s intentions for each key facet of the project. 

Organizations have their own processes and protocols for what needs to be in a project plan and more generally how projects are to run, so they won't all have the elements listed here. However, project managers should consider all of ​these elements during the planning phase to avoid confusion and forced improvisation during the project execution phase.
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