Project Work Plan Excel Template

Project Work Plan Excel Template

Project Work Plan Excel Template Free Download

This worksheet is an estimate of anticipated milestones for projects in 2014, and it is intended to be a project management tool for use in tracking status of projects under development compared to those anticipated milestones. Detailed information for each project is available from the project pages on the NERC website. 
Projects that remain from 2013's Project Tracking Spreadsheet that were not prioritized in the RSDP, but that are continuing beyond the first quarter of 2014, are also represented here. Projects that are not anticipated to continue beyond Note that projects listed here represent known projects for 2014. 

As facts and circumstances warrant, it may be necessary to update this tool as 2014 progresses, and additional projects may be added in response to regulatory directives, input from RISC, or to meet goals of the NERC strategic plan.
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