What is PMI in Project Management?

What is PMI in Project Management?

PMI® stands for the Project Management Institute. PMI® is a leading membership-based organization that provides tools, best practices, and networks for project managers and practitioners who need to successfully manage their projects, programs, and portfolios.

What the PMI does 

The Project Management Institute was founded in 1969 by Ned Engman, James Snyder, Susan Gallagher, Eric Jenett, and J Gordon Davis. This leading international organization currently supervises and guides more than 480,000 professionals from all around the world. It provides global advocacy, professional development training and courses, collaboration opportunities, publications and reports, educational materials, and academic research.

Currently, the Project Management Institute’s standards are the most widely-used set of guidelines by project management professionals. These were created by PMI® experienced volunteer practitioners who’ve managed different types of projects during their project management careers. The directions are now used as common practices by all project managers who follow the PMI® framework.

The Project Management Institute’s standards are primarily written in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). Briefly, the PMBOK® Guide is a book that contains all the standards and guidelines for project management as they were established by the Project Management Institute. However, there are several other materials that enlarge upon these global practices:

Who’s it for? 

If you’re an active project management professional, the PMI® membership is for you. PMI® member groups include project managers who want to improve their skills, find a better job with higher authority, or just want to earn higher salaries. However, PMI® memberships are a great fit for anyone who’d like to manage projects in a company or on a large scale, gain accountability for a project, or maybe just add project management as a skill to their resume.

The PMI® PMBOK Guide is used primarily in USA, Canada, and the Middle East. Yet, there are many project managers who use it in other countries as well. It’s also best to use it within industries such as Construction, Architecture, Finance, Consulting, Governance, and Quality Assurance when used appropriately.

PMI certifications 

To prepare yourself for the varied demands of project management, there are 8 certifications you can get with the help of the Project Management Institute:

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