Construction Management Plan

Construction Management Plan

The purpose of this Construction Management Plan (“the Plan”) at this planning stage is to outline our approach to managing the execution of the proposals to create the client a modern home suitable for growing family living. 

The Plan has been formulated out of best practice for execution of the minor nature of the development proposed. The building work essentially comprises the following elements: enlargement of the existing closet wing and creation of a lower ground floor light and rear light access , provision of a third floor bedroom within the loft space, creation of a front pedestrian access, and the enlargement of the lower ground floor living space including by lowering its existing floor level. 

This document includes comment on the envisaged construction operations comprising: site establishment, logistics and the process of managing the overall local environment. It seeks to ensure that the works cause the minimum practicable disruption to residents including by achieving a safe working and living environment.

The Plan forms part of the planning application proposals and envisages guiding their execution. Throughout the project, we will regularly review the plan and maintain a communicative relationship with the council advising them of such changes and/or improvements to the plan as may occur. The Plan’s proposals shall enable third parties to understand the nature of the works and the various construction activities associated with the development.

To the extent that this project execution requires third-party regulator approvals, this Plan will be reviewed to bring it into line with such requirements of the same. Formal approvals and activity methodology approaches will be addressed in detailed submissions to the design team and the Client. Liaison with the neighbors and interested parties will continue throughout project execution and as information is updated. Neighbors will be kept informed of progress and anticipated works.

The Plan provides an overview of the key project activities. Generic statements will be amplified at the appropriate stage of the project execution together with relevant procedures and detailed method statements. This Plan will be used as the template for developing the construction phase health and safety plan, in tandem with the Construction Method Statement (also a part of this planning application). 
In selecting the appropriate constructors, we shall assess their project track record and management procedures to ensure the capability to deliver a project safely and with minimum practicable disruption and inconvenience to local residents. Throughout the works, the constructors will be required to provide relevant method statements and risk assessments for the works.

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