Construction Project Manager Responsibilities and Qualifications

Construction Project Manager Responsibilities and Qualifications

Construction Project Manager Responsibilities and Qualifications
Construction Project Manager Responsibilities and Qualifications
Project management is a function of executive leadership and provides the cohesive force that binds together the several diverse elements into a team effort for project completion.

Construction Project Manager Responsibilities:

  • The project manager organizes, plans, schedules, and controls the field work
  • He is responsible for getting the project completed within time and cost limitations.
  • He acts as the focal point for all facets of the project and brings together the efforts of all organizations having input into the construction process.
  • He coordinates matters relevant to the project and expedites project operations by dealing directly with the individuals and organizations involved.
  • In any such situation where events progress rapidly and decisions must be consistent and informed, the specific leadership of one person is needed. Because he has the overall responsibility, the project manager must have broad authority over all elements of the project.
  • The nature of construction is such that the manager often must take action quickly on his own initiative, and it is necessary that he be empowered to do so. To be effective, he must have full control of the job and be the one voice that speaks for the project.

Construction Project Manager Qualifications

The effective project manager must possess four essential attributes:
  • First, he must have a considerable background of practical construction experience so that he is thoroughly familiar with the workings and intricacies of the industry. Without such a basic grounding in construction fundamentals, the project manager would be completely unprepared to carry out his responsibilities.
  • Second, the construction project manager must have or have available to him, persons with expertise and experience in the application of specialized management techniques to the planning, scheduling, and control of construction operations. These procedures have been developed specifically for application to construction projects and are those discussed in this book. Because much of the management system is usually computer-based, the project manager must have access to adequate computer support services.
  • Third, the construction project manager must have the capacity to step back from the complex details of daily construction operations and look into the futureĆ¢€” planning for upcoming activities, checking material deliveries, determining manpower and training requirements, identifying possible changes to the work, and other future problem areas.
  • Fourth, the construction project manager must have the personality and insight that will enable him to work harmoniously with other people, often under very strained and trying circumstances. The manager, after all, cannot accomplish everything through his efforts alone. He must work with and through people in the performance of his duties. Doing this requires an appreciation and understanding of the human factor. Without this, his other attributes, however commendable, will be of limited effectiveness.
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