My boss childhood lead to my death !! How it is ?!

My boss childhood lead to my death !! How it is ?!

     Would you believe me if I told you that some situations that happened to someone else in another place in another time (maybe you was not even born yet) will affect you today and lead to your death.

     This is not my word, this is what science has already proven. Every moment passed by your managers from childhood until grown up it was normal to affect him but affect you too...How it is?

     In a recent Swedish study which lasted more than ten years and was published by the British Medical Journal, finds that your relationship with your manager and how he deals with you may determine the cause of your death and even when you will die. Do you believe this ?!!... Tell us.

      If your boss grew up with one or more of these traits in his personality like humiliating ridicule, constant lying, arrogance, unjustified reproaches, stupidity, ignorance or even mental disease such as schizophrenia this makes you have a heart attack by 40% more than the normal person who did not face such qualities in his work.
Scientificlly this percentage is enough to kill you 😁.
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So next time you search for a job putting in your mind how was your boss's childhood 😂.

   Here is a great infographic shows how worse is it.

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      What bothers you most you might die because of one might bully him before in school, or because he was antisocial or even due to the way his father and mother raised him. And you are the one who paid the price in the end 😡.

    You will surprise more from this 2-minute videos 😦 especially Americans.

    (  The True Cost of a Bad Boss )

     And whether you believe it or not, no one can deny the harmful effects of a bad working environment filled with stress and problems. What happens in your time all day affect your mood while you sit with your family, or your enjoyment time with your friends, even might lead you to think so much in the ridiculous situations that you passed today at work wasting your time and health.

       And finally, whether you acknowledge the problem or part of it, this prompts me to final advice. None of us choose their manager, so treat your manager with a way that relaxes you and at the same time keeps you from his evil. It may fail once and succeed again. And perhaps the character of your manager nothing work with it. But in the end, you tried to maintain your mental and physical health.

       Now let's get back to some fun. Whether you believed in the study or not. Tell us in the comments what traits you found in your boss and whether you really could have a heart attack from the way your
boss treat you ..... oh, don't miss like our facebook page for more funny and useful things to learn.

Tag your poor friend who has a boss like this one
or I dare you to tag your real Boss!


 Thank you for your time 
and keep your mental and physical health WELL

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