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How to draft a construction schedule in only 15 minutes Today I'm just going to share a quick video with you guys on how to dra...

How to draft a construction schedule in only 15 minutes

How to draft a construction schedule in only 15 minutes
How to draft a construction schedule in only 15 minutes

Today I'm just going to share a quick video with you guys on how to draft a construction schedule and tell you a little bit about what a construction schedule is? 
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so to start with let's have a look at this template we've got here what this brings up is basically a list of all the trades that would be involved in your day to day project right through from the start to the very end so list of those trades and then you've also got a list of dates across the top here now what we do with this construction schedule what a construction schedule is it's used for managing resources for any project so whether it be for a new home renovation bathroom project goal anything basically it has multiple resources that need to be booked in for start dates the start of this sheet is also a little bit of data a little bit of information here that we import just to produce some of the other stuff back into this shoe here anyway let's have a look at a schedule that's already been drafted here for this one it's a construction schedule that I'm doing for my own project at the moment you'll see here that it's been filled out with all the resources that going to take place so from the very start of the job moving some stuff around whether then got the demolition of the roof structure during that time we're going to have taps set up above the first floor addition we're also going to have after the roofs been demolished carpenters come in live scaffold set up over the property during that time and then after the carpentry is being done will have bricklayers come in and so on and so on and that basically goes right through for the duration of the job trades coming in after each other in sequence of critical paths and then we'll take us right through to the end of the project so this one here will go for 24 weeks it's basically we will finish the painting and ready to move in so what that looks like in relation to an actual set of plans is this so stage one for us we'll be putting this first floor addition on top of our existing property and that schedule just maps out all the work that needs to take place from start through to the finish stage to we'll be down here I've done a construction schedule for that that'll be the lower level for the man cave and then with all got the garage workshop area as well - so back to the schedule that we're going to produce let's have a quick look at it so we'll go back to the schedule template what we'll use today for this example will be let's do a little bathroom renovation so so this bathroom we're going to renovate it's basically about 2.2 meters long 1.6 meters wide it's going to have a ball home toilet a vanity a couple of shower roses lead to towel rail and some built-in cabinetry along here and built in shaving cabinet pretty straightforward little job looking at the plans there's the building shaver cabinet toilet basin shower rose and site elevation shows some of this cabinetry through here where we'd have to frame this out and then we've got some your shower screen we'll look at some of the photos of the existing bathrooms and get a gauge of what it looks like currently alright so you can see here pretty drab old tiles toilet bath and basin bar takes up a fair bit of room in this small area so it's a pretty confined little space so what we'll do is gut all this out and put in the new bathroom the room now to fill the schedule out all you do is you drag the cursor over the blocks that you want to fill in and you go up to the top here we'll pick a color that's nice and easy to see the blue and we'll fill that in so what this four weeks is going to represent is actually getting ready for the job to start prior to doing that though probably jumped ahead a step here let's go to the job datasheet so in here we're going to put in what the job number is 5 5 5 5 and the revision one this could be revision two two three whatever it might be let's call it James Mason and the suburb Sydney okay now date down here today seventeenth let's so we're going to start in a week in a bit style that so we'll start on the 28th so contract start date will be the 28th to the fourth fourteen and from start through to finish let's just say it's going to take us ten weeks we can come back and adjust that it's always hard to tell until you actually go through and work it out we can come back and adjust that suit it's probably Kalla days of things down here all those days need to be adjusted their schedules pretty old but we won't worry too much about that for this point in time but there's other data in this sheet we can put in progress payments and all sorts of variations and things like that so back to the schedule you can see here's populated start day to the 28th and ten weeks time we should have a the handover date yep so your hand over there so we'll go back to the start and what I initially first started doing here was four weeks so let's say that four weeks is just going to be for prep that'll be getting ready to select your tiles let your basins taps lighting everything that's going to go into that bathroom so you're gonna need to get out there and shop around and basically do some selections so you just put some notes in here let's just put select selects so four weeks of selections and then our start date is going to be actual starting on-site being the 26 so the first thing we can do is site establishment it's going to be day for site establishment fill that block in and what that's going to be Footwear is things like getting the skip in the site ready for demolition putting down some plastic in the hallways to protect the floors getting our tools on site putting up side fence safety equipment all that sort of stuff next thing we're going to do we're going to come down to the demolition so for set of plans like that to go to room of say that size you do that in about a guy and a couple of skilled contractors we get that done in a day quite easily but let's just say you're going to do this job yourself then in one all out at least a couple of days so let's fill in two days there and would you put strip our room do the strip out the next thing we're going to do is we're changing going to change a bit of that plumbing around so back to the plans you can see the bath used to be there I think the toilet was over here so the plumber is going to need to run some new drainage through all here so we're going to chop up some of the floor so let's go back here put in under excavation I put a day there we'll fill that a plumb is going to do the breaking up at the floor so we'll come down and find our plumber and we'll put in two days for him a day to break it out and a date actually run with drainage and everything again so we'll just put a note in there drainage and then the next thing after the drainage goes in we're going to want to concrete that floor so we'll come back up and find the concrete up and we'll put a day in there for the concrete to go in all right now after that some concrete is going in everything's been stripped out we've got a shell of a room we're going to the carpenter to come in and frame up for some of this shelving that's going to be needed in through there so let's go back to the show job and we'll find out come down here we'll find out carpentry and we'll put in a day for the carpenter to do that framing that's pretty straightforward so we'll write in that wall framing now if you I'm sure you could always give that a couple of days just to allow a little bit extra just so you don't shoot yourself in the foot right now after the wool framings up next thing would be for the plumber and the electrician to start running the new services so I get it a new hot and cold to the toilets and taps and also going to new wiring so we'll run down here again find our plumber in theory they could both do that in a day but let's put the plumber in from day one and the next day we'll put the electrician in so they're not working at the top of each other and we'll just write a pair rough-in and same here roughing okay so after we've had the plumbing electrical roughed in the next thing would be to probably shake this wall here with some villaboard so we're going to get the jib rocker in to do that come across and he's going to be there today we'll do that find the renderer and we'll put him in for a day there as well I'm just putting patching okay so after that's patched you're going to want to make sure that the render uses an acrylic render which means it will dry within 24 hours and then you can work out the top of it if they use the cement render you need to leave it at least a week to dry before we can do the waterproofing so the next thing we're going to do is the actual waterproofing so it'll come down here after the rendering now let's put in there's going to be three days that we need to take up for the wood proofing now the reason for that is day one would be the first coat so I'm going to put down the first day - would be the second coat of membrane and then day 3 would be drying before that before anyone could walk on it so you can see coming down through here how it's all sort of cascading down this is critical path and a lot of it's pretty common-sense sort of stuff you know you can't can't start the waterproofing until you strip out the bathroom you know you couldn't start tiling until you've got all these services in so I can do this pretty quick because I've been doing it over the years but it's something that some like I said it's pretty common sense and you'll get a bit of a gauge of it as you go through all right so after we have waterproofed next thing would be for our Tyler to come in I would say that the tile is going to need pretty fiddly let's just say we're going to give him a week so block out a week there then we'll put in more floor tiling fluor do for now after it's being told we're then going to get our plumber and electrician to come back and fit off their toilets and taps and heater rails and things it's the same deal and put the plumbing in for one day and work with the electrician through another day and ones putting their feet off okay so what do we got next so if go ahead our plumber and electrician fit off all their items in here next thing probably would be for the shower screwing installer to put his shower screen in and also for the join up to put in his cabinetry here as well all right so let's come down here from the e-class screen mirrors put in a day for our guy there no one over two days must be a bit of a data problem there let's just put in screens okay and then come up and find out kitchen doing up something's flying up there anyway look two days and you can see what it means probably a day for both those guys let's just quit his shaving cabinet alright so once that's gone in we're then going to look at our painter painter will come in to ceilings and round windows and touching up what he needs to do so you'll have a couple of days let's put in the painting done all right I'm sure they some other little odds and ends that I may have left out but that's got the bulk of it and for this video at least that gives you a bit of an idea of of how all this is going to work so looking back over our schedule as a bit of a summary logs above got all the trades down here we obviously don't need that many but like I said it's a full list we've got our four weeks of planning upfront to get all our selections done and then coming across here this is a bit of a map from start through to finish of what the bathroom renovation should take now that's been very easy going with a lot of this that means actual time on site for construction would be one two three four five weeks I've actually done this renovation myself and we did it in two weeks so you can actually get the trades some trades to come in in the morning some trades that come in the afternoon you've got to be really well organized to do something like this and that's where a shuttle comes in extremely handy now I've done this in basically 13 40 minutes but realistically speaking to do a proper bathroom renovation I'd sit down do the shade you'll probably take me a good half a day or a day to map out the shade you'll speak to the trades speak to the suppliers work out what the lead times are and get everyone booked in for dates the reason we do this it's just so that you can be organized you can have your trades turning up at the right time you're not calling the day before to say look I'm not going to be ready for we're for another couple of days and then the problem could be that you lose the guys for another week because they have to go to another job and then the job just ends up blowing out so it's all that being organized and what you can do to will shed your things in so let's have a quick look at this job that we've actually done here so we saw the before photos let's actually have a look at some of the during and after so with these photos this is the bathroom being stripped out in a day we gutted that that was the shell I mean I know the Carpenters come in and put up all the framing for the cabinetry is going to go next stage the same day we actually cut out the floor and got ready for the plumber for his drainage then we plumb a put at least drainage in put some head of flooring down the floor waterproofed at all and then Tyler came in started his works so basically after the tiling was done we then come back to the finished product and you can see here a lot brighter opens the room a lot a lot more putting the basin the walk on toilet just brings everything up off the floor just makes it feel a bit more spacious got some marble splash back in here put in the beard shaving cabinets above bit of LED lighting they came up and Queen came up quite nice alright guys so that's a template that I use you're more than welcome to have a copy of this I don't claim to be an Excel expert as you can see there is some problems with some of the data and the sums in here but it's something to play around with and at least gives you a bit of a start on something that you can get a bit an idea on how to how to map out your trades how the critical path is going to work and really just get organized for your next project alright so help that hope that helps.

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