PRINCE2® vs the PMBOK® Guide 7 Edition

PRINCE2® vs the PMBOK® Guide 7 Edition

PRINCE2® vs the PMBOK® Guide 7 Edition
PRINCE2® vs the PMBOK® Guide 7 Edition 

The PMBOK 7 Edition may follow Prince2's streak: The British School of Administration remains generally a unique school with a long-standing heritage that resulted from decades of colonial administrations starting from the end of the nineteenth century until the mid-twentieth century AD in its period of expansion in large parts of the world until they called themselves (the empire that does not set the sun).  

As a result of their experiences, dozens of laws and concepts in civil life and even military laws that a large part of it still works not only in Britain but also in the countries that they colonized previously. 
From here it is clear to us their uniqueness and distinction in this field and also resulted in their project management guide  (Managing successful projects with Prince2)  which features in some aspects of your current directory at the of American Project Management Institute PMI (Project Management Body of knowledgePMBOK6) in some of the following points:- 

  • 1-The presence of the Project Board as a prerequisite for project management, and the involvement of all stakeholders and influencers in this council.  Also, there is a separate guide for the roles and responsibilities of the Project Board(Directing projects with Prince2). 
  • 2-Focusing on the project’s benefit to the organization after its completion, and not just the concept of project completion. 
  • 3-Focusing on the concept of Principals. 
  • 4-Focusing on the suitability of the guide ( Tailoring ) and adapting project work to the existing environment, and clarifying the required permission limit of tailoring for each project’s processes to be compatible with Prince2. 
  • 5-The existence of the concept of change clearly in the guide. 
  • 6-The presence of pre-project operations in the Starting up process. 
  • 7-The concept of management by stages. 
  • 8-The concept of focusing on the project team and the project stakeholders, and clarifying the tasks and responsibilities of each of them clearly and in each process and stages of the project, contrary to PMBOK6, which focuses mainly on the role of the project manager and very little focus on the rest of the project team and the stakeholders. 
  • 9-The existence of the concept of Tolerances clearly in every level of the project. 
  • 10-Clarity of forms, reports and what should be included in Descriptions, Records and Reports. 

Here are some of the points that I now recall that distinguish Prince2 from PMBOK6. Of course, the PMBOK6 guide also has many advantages over Prince2 that this article cannot accommodate here, but it is as they say (it’s diversity, not contrast) and the two guides complement each other. 

By reference to the title of this essay, we find that PMI in its new guide - the draft PMBOK7 has introduced new concepts to it such as Principals and others, and the vision will be definitively clear when the guide is officially released this year.
Author LinkedIn Account: Abdalla Yassin

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