How construction can benefit from cross sector expertise

How construction can benefit from cross sector expertise

How construction can benefit from cross sector expertise
 How construction can benefit from cross sector expertise

With health and safety becoming a primary focus in the majority of workplaces and technology facilitating a shift in operations in 2020, construction is finding itself having to adapt to a fast changing working environment, whether it wants to or not. While this may be challenging, it is also an opportunity to start to implement better policies, adopt digital transformation and possibly gain the benefit of outside expertise.  
Let’s take digital transformation, for example. Rather than trying to figure out which digital tools and solutions would benefit the company, hiring someone with key expertise in technology could save the business a great deal of time, money and frustration. While the person may not have specific construction knowledge, this can be obtained by consulting and collaborating with key managers within the company. Instead, they will have key insights into what solutions are available and how they can be implemented to align with a company’s business or operational needs. Adapting what technology has to offer in order to meet specific challenges that construction firms are facing is not a big stretch especially when working with teams in the organization. 
Some of the technologies that might be considered are:
  • Building Information Management (BIM) systems to facilitated better collaboration and remote working between teams.     
  • Drones, robotics and scanning software to improve planning, project management and maintenance efforts.     
  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) can improve investment prospects by being able to showcase the features and benefits of a project.     
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are very efficient is processing large data sets which can be useful in engineering and project planning. 
The reality is that construction can benefit a great deal from outside expertise. As an industry that is historically slow to adapt, bringing in expertise from other sectors can help accelerate change and work towards futureproofing businesses. Financial Directors don’t always need construction specific knowledge in order to balance budgets, and supply chain managers know how to manage a vast network of suppliers and logistics, regardless of industry. Similarly, the principles of Human Resource Management and Business Development don’t vary much between industries.

Most significantly, when hiring cross-sector there is a great opportunity to improve the company’s diversity at the same time. Many women and professionals from different ethnic backgrounds operate at a high level in finance, technology, and business development, to name a few sectors. With this in mind, there’s an opportunity for construction to enjoy a two-fold benefit. Upping senior expertise and diversity in one go.
                                                             Rupert Price - Headhunter
John Homer- CEO nmcn:
“I have worked with Ellis Fox for a number of years and found them to be professional, organised and proactive.  They know the Infrastructure and Utilities market very well and understand our business. They deliver the right fit candidates within agreed timescales.  Rupert and his team are also very pleasant to do business with.” Kay Williams –  Commercial Services Director- Costain:  “I found Ellis Fox to be professional and knowledgeable. Rupert took the time to meet and understand my requirements for a career move. Once a suitable Senior Commercial role was identified Rupert managed the process efficiently leading to and offer being made and accepted. I would not hesitate to recommend Ellis Fox to anyone looking for a Senior Main Contractor role.”   
Steven Jackson – Commercial Director – Kier:  “Ellis Fox has partnered with us on a number of key recruitments. On each occasion they have taken time to listen and understand the position as well as understand the culture and team fit, then through their extensive market knowledge have been able to field several high calibre candidates. We will continue to work with Ellis Fox in the future”.   Rob Hendy- Transformation Director (Interim)- Amey:  
“Rupert is the most proactive Recruitment Consultant I know. He goes out tirelessly looking for relevant opportunities. The Ellis Fox Back Office is also extremely efficient ensuring Interims are paid weekly on time.”    David R. Taylor - Group Commercial Director-- Costain:  "Ellis Fox played a key role in the recruitment of Costain’s Commercial Services Director. I found Rupert to be very efficient ensuring the process concluded with the candidate accepting. She has been a great find for the business and is performing at a consistently high level 3 year on."


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