Strategic Plan for the Resolution of Project Scope Changes

Strategic Plan for the Resolution of Project Scope Changes

Strategic Plan for the Resolution of Project Scope Changes
 Strategic Plan for the Resolution of Project Scope Changes
As part of the project management process,  the project manager must decipher the if there is need  to make some necessary changes to procedures, processes, scope and other details regarding a  project.  In many instances, a project manager may be required to start a project that has predetermined objectives and policies in place. Over the years, I have had similar situations as this  case study due to the fact that our firm was brought in at the construction or implementation phase rather than the planning or pre construction phase; consequently, inheriting a predetermined project management plan and methodology. 
During the initial stage of the project, a project manager may needed to be adjusted or changed. notice certain project requirements, scope, policies, or procedures that simply will not work or are  The project manager must determine the type of project we are  commissioned to manage and then evaluate the project’s requirements, culture, and management methodology needed to complete the proposed project and make necessary recommendations for change.

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Background and Assumptions

1-The project team developed the scope and program for the project without utilizing key stakeholders      
1-The project manager at the construction or implantation phase and I was not involved with the pre construction planning.      
1-The project team developed a set of standard policies and procedures as part of the       project management plan which gave no provision for scope changes or                
1-change order requests.
1-The plans and specifications have already been approved by the project team and the design development process has been completed without stakeholder involvement.      
-As work begins, The end user company , major stakeholders in the project, want to make necessary changes to the scope of work      
1-Our firm, , has been awarded a fixed price contract with a completion schedule and predetermined scope and it is a the client requirement that there is no scope changes in the project.

Identification of Potential Risks and Mitigating Strategies

Before making any recommendations, the project manager must identify the risks associated with the project at hand and he must evaluate the potential outcomes or failures to the identified risks.
  1. Whether the scope of work does or doesn’t meet overall project objectives.
  2. Project team did not identify the key stakeholders necessary for inputs and approvals to the project plans and specifications.
  3. The proposed project did or did not have clearly defined goals, solutions, function and processes that considered the stakeholders and end users.
Mitigating strategy:  
Hold a strategic planning session with the project management team and key stakeholders to consider the following: 
  1. Is the present scope of work sufficient to meet the overall project objectives.  
  2. We must consider the end user requirements and evaluate present plans and specifications to required program objectives.
  3. If necessary, would the project team and necessary stakeholders consider a streamlined process for making necessary changes to project scope.
  4. If changes were permitted, the impacts to schedule, budget, resources and already
committed and subcontracts should be evaluated and considered  Were project contingencies established within the budget and schedule  The contract has no provisions for scope change – Based on our assumptions, the contract does not allow for scope changes to the project.
We must consider the following:
1-Is there a change management plan in process even though there is no provisions
for change within the contract.
1-Is there a change management plan in process even though there is no provisions  for change within the contract.          
1-We must determine the reasoning of no changes End user and hat that decision was based upon.             
2. Are the project budget and completion schedule based on a fast                
track installation without provision for change and if so, we must                     
consider impacts to budgets and funding sources. 

Mitigating strategy:  
Evaluate present budget and schedule and determine the following:
  1. We must evaluate the present contracted budget and determine contingencies available for  potential scope changes.
  2. We must evaluate committed contracts that would be effected by scope change and the    impacts that a change would have on the overall budget and schedule.
  3. Determine if additional funds are available for changes to project scope and schedule.

Recommendations to the client management regarding change requests

The project manager must have a duality in managing a project that balances the need for a successful project with the needs of the firm and portfolio management strategies.  

Considering this case study , I would give the following recommendations to executive management:
1. Hold an initial strategic planning session with the project team and stakeholders on the project and clearly identify the potential risks.       
2. At this meeting,  I would review the present project scope and clearly discuss                 potential scope changes and possible impacts that have been requested by the client  and other major stakeholders.     
2.  A system of integrated control process should be in place and this process should be thoroughly explained at this strategic meeting.    
3. The integrated change control process should include techniques of meetings and expert judgments in helping determine change requests.  
4.  If it was determined at the initial strategic planning session that changes  must be made, we must hold focus group planning sessions specifically with airline management and clearly identify areas that are being requested and consider the following:      
Changes requested meet overall project objectives and are a positive change for end user requirements
Impacts to budget and schedule must be considered with every potential change.      Develop a fast track plan that would improvise the project management plan in the following areas:   Cost Management – Review existing budgets and determine sourcing requirements for the implementation of changes.         
There should only be a certain window of opportunity for major scope changes and this process should be clearly defined with decision accountability structures and final sign off to revised plans and specifications by all stakeholders.  
Schedule Management – We must determine the schedule impacts caused by any proposed changes. This includes interfacing of already ordered equipment with new delivery dates and proposed completion dates.        
There should be a tight schedule maintained for this initial change process Communications Management – We must have a communications plan that involves all key stakeholders. This plan should have a process for sign off and acceptance of proposed changes to scope and schedule by the stakeholders involved. This includes final sign off to scope changes to plans and specifications that would avoid the “never ending customer change requests”.      
Change Management – Update the process for facilitating changes to  scope that have clearly defined procedures for updating impacts to schedule and budgets that are caused by a potential change request. There should be a clearly decision methodology of responsible authorized make changes to scope, budget and schedule.          
we should  implement an integrated change control process that includes  identifying changes, how to process changes, how to manage approved changes , and how to protect the entire  change process.
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Summary Evaluation
This case study is a clear example of not having a proper planning and scoping process in place, however, it’s the responsibility of the project manager to identify potential risks to a project and to make necessary recommendations for mitigating such risks.
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