Who should read about the Product Lifecycle?

Who should read about the Product Lifecycle?

Lake Geneva, October 2020
?  Who should read about the Product Lifecycle 

Who should read about the product lifecycle?  Before you answer, let me explain why I ask.  During the coronavirus lockdown, I wrote a book about the product lifecycle. Products2019: A project to map and blueprint the flow and management of products across the product lifecycle: Ideation; Definition; Realisation; Support of Use; Retirement and Recycling  Very briefly, here are some key parameters about the book.
  • The book addresses the entire product lifecycle. From the beginning of a product's life to the end of life.     
  • The book is about a company that makes machine tools. So, a reasonably complex product (mechanical, electrical, electronic, software parts), yet reasonably easy to understand.       
  • The book describes activities, roles, data, documents, applications, and business processes across the product lifecycle. As well as issues and improvement suggestions.     
  • The book isn't in standard textbook form. Instead it narrates, on a day-to-day basis, a project (the Products2019 project) to find out what happens with the company's products from their beginning to their end.      
  • The book is low-cost. About the cost of a morning coffee.
Are there any groups of people who need to know about the product lifecycle? For example, company managers aiming to improve product-related performance? Or Engineering students? They're likely to join a company that makes products, so is it useful for them to know what happens in a company as products go through their lifecycles?  So that's the background. Now, over to you. Which groups of people should read about the product lifecycle?
The Author: John Stark 
                                 John Stark
In the field of PLM, a thought and practice leader, educator, and consultant to more than 100 companies. Author of 18 books including "Product Lifecycle Management: 21st Century Paradigm for Product Realisation", the most frequently cited publication about PLM. PLM consultancy assignments in many countries and industry sectors. 
Providing PLM consultancy in: PLM Vision; PLM Strategy; PLM project management; PLM status review; PLM process architecture; process mapping/definition;  PLM application architecture; review of applications; application selection; Organisational Change Management.  Specialties: author of several PLM industry White Papers; frequent speaker/Chairman at PLM industry conferences and events

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